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eniv8817 Ivanov's biography.

eniv8802 Star your health

eniv8303. Collection of works by of Ivanov.

eniv8801 - eniv8820. Journal Evolutionary movement.


 Hymn of Porfiry Ivanov

 People believed in Lord as God.

 And he himself comed to us on the Earth.

 He will turn out death as such,

And will introduce life in glory.

People will gather on this hillock.

They will say a word loudly.

This is our paradise place.

Man is glory immortal.

                                (Here is the idea of ​​Ivanov).

Гімн Порфирія Іванова

Люди Господу вірили як Богу.

А він сам до нас на землю прийшов.

Смерть як таку вижене.

А життя у славу введе.

Де люди візьмуться? На цьому бугрі.

Вони гучно скажуть слово.

Це є наше райське місце.

Чоловікові слава безсмертна.


Porfiry Ivanov, his personal name Osh, nickname is Parshek, recognized by the work of the Winner of Nature, the Teacher of the people, the God of the Earth.

He did all the commandments of Christ, he received them the Great. But he is far from religion, and his teachings are not religious.

All his experience has been described in the writings, so that people read, understand, tried to make themselves as perfect as he did. There is everything for life, health .

He teaches, most importantly, that people should be happy, healthy, not ill, prevent any illness, any misfortune, so that they are independen. 

Згідно із заповітом Іванова праці є суспільне надбання людства, належать народові, подарунок усім людям усього світу всіх національностей, вони наукового характеру.

Works is the public domain of mankind, belongs to the people, a gift to all people of the whole world of all nationalities.

Його праці у вільному використанні, кожен має право вільно копіювати, розповсюджувати, перекладати на всі мови всіх народів світу.

His works are in free use, everyone has the right to freely copy, distribute, translate into all languages ​​all peoples of the world.  

Просимо всіх, перекладайте праці Порфирія Іванова на англійську та всі інші мови народів світу.

Translate Porfiry Ivanov's works into English and all other languages ​​of the peoples of the world. Thank you. We wish you happiness, health!


Collection of works by Porfiry Ivanov

eniv7805 Parshek. 1978.05. 

eniv8303 Parshek. 1983.03


Journal Evolutionary movement

eniv8801 No 1. Evolution

eniv8802 Health system

eniv8803 Evolutionary sequence

eniv8804 Evolutionary movement

eniv8807 Discrete physycs

eniv8817 Ivanov's biography for standpoint of follower 

eniv8818 Four parts doctrine of Ivanov

eniv8819 Truth faith

eniv8820 Apocalypse is carried out